Wordcraft - Concise English to Old English - Dictionary and Thes


Wordcraft A concise Modern English to Old English dictionary and thesaurus Stephen Pollington Wordcraft provides Old English equivalents to the commoner modern words in both a dictionary and thesaurus. Previously the lack of an accessible guide to vocabulary deterred many would-be students of Old English. Wordcraft combines the core words relating to everyday life with a selection of terms connected with society, culture, technology, religion, perception, emotion and expression to encompass all aspects of Anglo-Saxon experience. The Thesaurus presents vocabulary relevant to a wide range of individual topics in alphabetical lists, thus making it easy to find specific areas of interest. Each thematic listing is cross-reference from the Dictionary. The two sections will be of invaluable assistance to students of the language, as well as those with either a general or a specific interest in the Anglo-Saxon period. ISBN 978 1898281535 240 pages

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