How to Order

How to Order


Placing your order should be straightforward to anyone used to Internet shopping, but just to make sure...

  1. Browse the catalogues and add any items you wish to purchase by clicking on Add to Basket
  2. When you have finished adding to your cart click on Basket Contents to see an itemised list and the total cost of your order.
  3. Items may be removed from you cart or numbers of individual items may be adjusted. After each adjustement the new totals can be seen by clicking on Update Basket
  4. You may add further items at any time by clicking on Continue Shopping which will take you back to the last visited catalogue page.
  5. Once you are happy with your cart contents click on Checkout
  6. Following the instructions on the page, fill in the form and submit it by clicking on Confirm Order
  7. Your order will be sent with a confirmatory copy also being sent to you by e-mail.

You can also pay by bank transfer in pounds into our Sandander UK account or in euros into our Sabadell Spain account. 

Note 1

Available stocks will vary on an almost daily basis. There are almost 900 separate items in the 'Cast Bronzes' section alone and while most are available 'off the shelf' it's just not practical to keep stocks of all of them at all times. If we do not have sufficient stocks to fulfill your order we will contact you to either discuss alternatives or let you know how long it will take to cast the out of stock items.

Note 2

We have now moved to Spain so most orders will be sent from here by post (larger value orders by tracked mail.)

I still have a wharehouse in England for larger items and these will be despatched from there either by post, if under 2 kg, or by courier.

Helmets, armour, swords and many other items are obtained from third parties for you and are not considered 'stock' items and as such are not subject to the Sale of Goods Act 14 day return rules. Please make sure that you order what you want. I will do my best to exchange things for you if they do not fit but this is at the discretion of my suppliers.


Note 3

Swords and any sharp items are not available for customers under 18 years of age.  

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